Using the interactive map through Consilium will allow you a plethora of benefits. You will be able to find vendors and where they are in the vendor hall, search for activities or instantly find a certain one that you’re following, or even just find the bathroom.

With future updates, expect to see a fully-interactive, GPS driven map that will be able to identify your location, and show you how to get to a certain place at ANY event!

Through this system, you can search for activities in which you want to participate and follow them throughout the duration of the event. This includes being able to sign up and watch updates as they happen live from the host.

Future updates include being able to register for tournaments through the system and engage on an in-depth level with the host of the activity.

One of the biggest feature Consilium offers is the ability to find vendors in the vendors hall and even follow their pages as they update throughout the event. This includes searching for specials or specific items, and being able to follow via the map how to get to that specific vendor booth.

Future updates for this feature are super exciting, as the development team creates new ways to interact with vendors.

Epic Quest Productions

 As a division of Epic Quest Publishing the Production teams offer affordable, innovative, and short run printed material, promotional products, and informative and advertising videos.

Epic Quest Productions offers independent authors, game designers, and artists the ability to print books, catalogs, flyers and posters in with no minimums.

Epic Quest Productions graphic design team can create high quality graphics for use in business advertisement, T-shirts, maps for game designs, board game design, card game design, and more.

Epic Quest Productions video designers can create for you videos for advertisement, education, and entertainment. They will work with you during the process to assure the end product is what you imagined it would be.


 Dragonwars of Trayth

 The DRAGONWARS of TRAYTH is a new campaign setting compatible with the Pathfinder Role Playing Game system. The fully detailed Campaign contains 25 modules, a Campaign Guide , and Players Guide for the World of Kadar campaign setting.

Explore a new world and all its dangers, dungeons, catacombs, mines, castles, cities, fortresses, forests and mountains all in splendid detail. Fully mapped, and bursting with adventure. Experience the mystery, challenges, and intensity of what players have called “The most addicting and exciting adventure played in the last decade”.

Start your adventure at 1st level and continue it through 30th level. See our MODULE page for more details.
Interact with heroes both legendary and new, parley with dragons and deities alike. Help to save a continent at war and preserve what is left of demi-humanity, and in the process you will transform from a fledgling hero into a powerful epic legend of your own.

Here is your chance to play in a campaign that will bring you face to face with some of the most fearsome creatures of legend and lore and MOST of all battle DRAGONS!

For GM’s who value attention to detail, storylines that flow nicely and make sense, sub-plots, intrigue, mystery, originality, and ease of play then this is for you. Your players will remember every part of this adventure and be talking about the quests for years to come.